About Elsie The Cow | Est. Late 1930's

Formerly known as Payne Farm and home to Elsie the Cow, these fertile grazing acres have since been converted to vineyards. Elsie's old home, our 20th Century Dutch Barn used to be where she was picked up in her pink "Cow-Dilac" before heading down to NYC for the show.
Many local residents of Schodack have fond memories of school trips in the 1940's and 1950's to visit Elsie at our farm. The history of Elsie the Cow began in the late 1930's as a cartoon of a laughing cow called Elsie which used to advertise Borden Dairy products. Interest in Elsie heightened at the 1939 New York World's Fair when The Borden Company featured live Jersey Cows in their exhibit. Elsie will be forever known as "Big, easy-going and wistful-eyed."
Interest was very high in Elsie after the fair and requests came in from all over the country for a visit from Elsie. In 1940 she became wife to Elmer and mother of a calf named Beulah. Elsie and her family traveled around the county in a trailer containing a boudoir called "Barn Colonial." An early postcard recalls "Elsie's dressing table made with milk bottle lamps and her toiletries include Tail Wave Set, Henna Fur Glaze and Meadow Mud Pack. The family traveled in style."

As decades went by interest faded, but the symbol of The Borden Company lives on and is featured on Eagle Brand condensed milk and Borden Cheese products. Elmer lives on as the advertising symbol for Elmer's Glue.



After years of visioning, planning, manifesting and building Stable Gate Winery has a home in the Tasting Room at Stable Gate Farm. Adjacent to the Tasting Room will be our also newly added Tea Parlor which will be open in conjunction with events hosted by Stable Gate Dharma Collective and Stable Gate Farm Kitchen

St​ABLE Gate WinerY @ STable Gate Farm 


Payne Farm was purchased by the Feldman Family in 2000. Formerly a Dairy Farm, and Home to Elsie the Cow (More Below) the Farm has since been planted with grape vineyards. Being that the Feldman Family has been in the catering business since 1936, the fourth generation of children thought it to be no better opportunity for the latest incarnation of Birch Hill Catering (Herbert's East), formerly Herbert's Catering in Downtown Albany, to evolve into Stablegate Farm. www.birchhillcatering.com 

We firmly believe that farm to table is not just a movement but a way of life and that only the best food with highest quality ingredients be offered here. 

We are not only top quality service providers but also mindful humanitarians that value the earth, sustainability and healthy practices. 

It is the intention to have joy, knowlegde and spirit be cultivated on our farm through sound, movement, sacred and celebratory functions.

We hope to offer you an escape in the countryside for whatever may bring you here, and perhaps memories to take along with you when you go. 

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Elsie the Cow History + Photos thanks to: 

Diane Hutchinson

Schodack Town Historian